ATTENTION ALL RESIDENTS: Bulk Garbage is on Friday. You may put out your bulk ON THURSDAY after 6:00PM.

People have been putting their bulk trash out on any day of the week and that is costing YOU to have it removed. If the increased expenses continue, a special assessment will ultimately be needed.


Please help yourself by turning in your neighbor when they do not comply with the associations stated Governing Documents that bulk garbage may only be put out after 6:00 PM the day before bulk pickup.


Again, Bulk Garbage Pickup is on FRIDAY ONLY. Please do NOT put out your garbage before 6:00 PM the evening before.


Fiesta Residents,

The roofing project will be underway soon and it is important for the residents of Fiesta to know what to expect throughout the project. There are guidelines to follow to ensure your safety and the safety of all of your neighbors. Some of your belongings will have to be moved as well. You will know when it is time for you to get into action and prepare for your building’s roof to be replaced through additional communication from SunState. For you to get an idea of when, in the project timeline, to expect your building to be underway, I’ve included an estimated completion time by sections. In this document, the project will begin with phase 1 and will end at phase 11.

When your building phase is about to begin, we will give notice that all satellite dishes need to be removed. We will give you a specific date that all vehicles will have to be moved from that phase and parked in guest spaces in other areas of the community. When your building is being worked on, the roofing company will cordon off the areas that are unsafe to be walking through – it is very important you follow those guidelines to ensure your safety and the safety of your children.

We will continue to keep you informed and we are available to assist with any questions that you may have at [email protected].


SunState Management

Community updates via phone?

If you want to be notified with important information regarding your community via phone or email, fill out the Membership Emergency Contact Info Sheet and remit to [email protected]

For a New Parking Decal

If you need a new decal or need to purchase a guest parking permit, fill out the Decal Request Form and email to [email protected] including proof of residency and vehicle registration in order to schedule an appointment to pick it up at SunState Management. New decals and guest parking permits are $10 each payable with check or money order written to Fiesta HOA.

Update Your Callbox Information

To update your information for the guest entry gate callbox: email [email protected] with your address, name and phone number. Include proof of residency in order to process your request.

Fiesta HOA Updates

Fiesta HOA Updates

THE FRONT GATE IS OPERATIONAL AS OF 3/23/2021! If you need a new clicker fill out the form on the website and contact SunState Management via email at [email protected]

New clickers cost $50, make check payable to Fiesta HOA.

FOR ALL MAINTENANCE REQUESTS email [email protected] with all details and pictures included.

First Notice – Annual Meeting – Request for Candidates

First Notice – Annual Meeting – Request for Candidates

The purpose of this notice is to advise all Members of Record of our Annual Meeting and Election of Directors and to request candidates and inform you of the process of qualifying as a Director for the Board.

The meeting is to be held at 7:30pm on Wednesday, March 24th, 2021 via Zoom.

For more info click here.

2021 Insurance Document

2021 Insurance Document

The website has been updated with the 2021 insurance documents. To access, click on Resource Center on the menu bar. Once there, click on the plus sign (+) next to Insurance Documents and then click General Liability (see image below).

Sunstate Management Welcome Letter

Sunstate Management Welcome Letter

We are excited to welcome you to the family of communities managed by SunState Management. We look forward to the opportunity of managing your property on behalf of your association. We are fully licensed, professional management company located at 9327B West Sample Road, Coral Springs FL 33065.

We have assumed our responsibilities effective December 24th, 2020.

For more information on service/maintenance requests please read the Welcome Letter by clicking here.

In order to assure that we can best respond in the case of an emergency, we are attempting to update information about all owners and renters involved at the community. We are requesting that each unit owner please take the time to fill out the enclosed form and return it to us. This information is essential in the case of an emergency such as a hurricane, fire, flood, broken water pipes, etc.

The Owner Contact form can be found on the Resource Center on the menu bar, under Miscalleneous Documents.

For your convenience, you can also retrieve the form by clicking here.