Violation Inspection Notice

REMINDER: All garbage pales must have your address labeled by February 20th, 2023. Use an extra large black permanent marker. Example of address is “1234 Festival Dr”.

Fiesta Homeowners’ Association


RE: Violation Inspections

In an effort to have a vibrant, beautiful community, Fiesta HOA Violations Committee and Management will be doing monthly violation walkthroughs. The below list will give you an idea of what the Violations Committee will be looking for and what is expected to be maintained within each lot of the community. As a reminder, you will need to inspect the exterior of your property, front and back. Use this list as your personal checklist. If you need an extension on conducting any repairs, you will need to email [email protected] or call the office at (954) 510-6552.

Inspection of the exterior of your property:

Things to look out for:

  • GARBAGE. Each garbage and recycling pale must be marked with your address on it with a large black permanent marker. (i.e., “1234 Festival Dr”) Deadline is 2/20/2023.
    • Trash pickup days are Tuesday and Friday
    • Pales must be brought to the curb no sooner than 6pm the evening before pickup day and returned to your home by 10:00am the day after pickup.
    • Bulk trash pickup is Friday. Bulk can only be brought to designated spaces no sooner than Thursday at 6pm. Bulk CANNOT be left under a tree, as Republic Services cannot pick it up from that location. BE ADVISED: If you leave bulk out on non-bulk days, you will be back-charged the cost of the additional pickup.
  • PETS.
    • You MUST cleanup after your pet immediately. (City fine is up to $500)
    • Dogs MUST be on a leash outside of your home.
    • Front of unit is free of any objects other than bench, chair, or approved landscape accouterments.
    • Back of unit should be similarly clean of objects. However, garbage cans, barbecue grills and chairs/benches are permitted.
    • Hurricane shutters are only permitted during hurricane season and must be removed no later than 10 days after a hurricane watch or warning has been lifted.
    • Changes to the exterior of any lot without prior written approval of the Board is prohibited and is grounds for immediate violation. If you have made changes to the exterior of your lot without an approved ARC Form, such as but not limited to fences, decks or swings you must remove it immediately.

Please be advised, a full copy of the Rules & Regulations have been emailed to all homeowners and tenants within Fiesta HOA. If you did not receive the full set of Rules & Regulations, please email [email protected] to ensure we have your current contact information and to get you the full Rules & Regulations. Take your time to review them to ensure you are in compliance with the Governing Documents of your community.

It is the obligation of SunState and the Board of Directors to ensure that each Homeowner in your Community is adhering to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions set forth in the Association documents.  The Association is obligated to enforce these rules to make living in Fiesta an enjoyable experience for its residents.

We look forward to working together in an effort to better and beautify your community.  This will, in turn, protect the property values of all homeowners.

Alli Wilhelm, LCAM